This Customer Service workshop will explore how to:

  • Retain customers and increase the value of the customers you already have
  • Excel in recovery management – manage complaints and create new opportunities
  • Create great first impressions and apply the right attitude even under pressure
  • How customers evaluate your service – RATER (reliable, assurance, tangibles, empathy, responsive)
  • How to motivate staff to give great customer service

For your business, the benefit of attending this course will be:

  • Differentiation – stand out from your competition
  • Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, therefore profit
  • Improve motivation among staff
  • Enhance efficiency and reduce costs and waste
  • Good publicity/public image/customers become unpaid brand ambassadors
  • Enhanced communications, internal and external


This workshop – and improving customer service – is vital to your business because 89% of people have stopped doing business with a company after experiencing poor customer service (Source: Right Now Customer Experience Impact Report). And, seven out of ten buying experiences are based on how the customer feels they are being treated (Source: McKinsey).

In addition to this bespoke approach to the training content, we will also supply the business owner with an Owner’s Customer Service pack for their own use. This pack will include best practice advice relevant to their sector.

Finally, in acknowledgement of the fact that not all business owners have the time and facilities to train each individual staff member, we will also provide an Employee Customer Service Pack which will have the techniques and skills needed to make the business excel in Customer Service during every interaction.

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