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Behind every great business is a great bookkeeper.

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Introductory Certificate in Bookkeeping

This practical, certified course gives you a strong foundation in Bookkeeping Principles using practical worked examples and real-to-life case studies.



Certified by Irish industry leader Big Red Cloud


Supported by qualified accountant and business mentor


Based on real life case studies 
This practical, certified course gives you a strong foundation in Bookkeeping Principles using practical worked examples and real-to-life case studies. You will also be introduced to VAT and RCT as well the key skill of Cash Budgeting. Ensuring that your business is as economical as possible we look at deductible expenses, including capital allowances, and payments that can be used to make employee payments most tax efficient.

You will learn about:

  1. Basic Principles of Bookkeeping
  2. Dealing with VAT
  3. Business Documentation and Dealing with Discount
  4. Relevant Contracts Tax
  5. Cash Budgeting
  6. Deductible Expenses and Tax-Free Payments to Employees
  7. Depreciation and Capital Allowances
  8. Misc tax and business topics and queries from participants.

You will be provided with the following resources:

  • Tutor support by a professional accountant and business mentor
  • Guide to Effective Online Learning
  • Bookkeeping Workbook with up to date legislation, VAT and worked examples.
  • Tutor to camera recorded examples of computerised accounts.
  • Case studies using true to life scenarios for participants to practice.
  • Business resource section including business guides and useful information
  • Forum with replies and solutions to frequently asked questions.


This course does not assume any previous bookkeeping knowledge. Basic maths and business English will enhance your journey through the course.

We suggest that you approach the course over 6 to 8 weeks. However, you may progress through the course at your own speed. We would suggest between 20 and 30 hours over the course of the 6 to 8 weeks, although this will vary from one individual to the next.

There are 12 hours of tutor to camera recordings based specifically on the course material as well as links to other recordings which may be of interest to you but are not a core part of the course.

Introductory offer of €349. Reduced from €449. 

Why Study This Course?

This Course is definitely for you if you are:

A Business Owner / Manager

A business owner / manager who wants to get a better understanding of the finances and tax obligations within your business

Starting your own Business

Looking to take the first step towards running your own bookkeeping business.

Changing Careers

Up-skilling to change careers to a sector that is always in high demand. Or perhaps thinking of taking on an accounting career and looking for a prompt test of your aptitude. 


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